What a magnificent view the above photo represents.  Nature at its very best all created without Man’s involvement.  It, and everything else within the universe, is all the result of natural evolution. 6 to 4 1/2 Billion years ago, at the time of “the big bang” our planet was nothing more than a huge rotating mass of exceedingly hot, highly radioactive, molten solids and gasses set within a universe of similar qualities and violence.  Everything that exists on Planet Earth today, including all life forms and the human body, has come about using the principles and the electronic energy balancing methods of evolution, the prime mover of which are countless numbers of electrons, the smallest known particles which are found in everything and everywhere.

One element of this evolution is the human body which is, without question, the most incredible and integrated electrical, mechanical, structural, chemical and biological engineering item that has ever existed. It has come about at the very end of these billions of years of evolution and has relied entirely on every step of energy balancing along the way, in its many forms and types, for it to be developed.  Not only does this relate to its physical form but also how it works, what it needs to make it work and what is required to maintain it in an optimum working condition. Mankind has had nothing whatsoever to do with this incredible design process and development. Evolution, basically using nothing more than electronic energy balancing has done it all.

What has been the inspiration for this site, to whom is it addressed, who could it help, and what is the motivation behind it?

To whom is this site addressed.

This site is intended for those who wish to promote the body’s own inbuilt healing facilities to their own advantage and hopefully reduce illness and infection by increasing the strength of the Immune System; achieved by the process of “Grounding” and without the use of medications with their associated side effects. It is oriented to cases for those suffering injury, particularly physical injury, or pain or with medical problems for which they are seeking potential solutions that are not being met by other means. Not only can healing be promoted but the time for healing can be much reduced.

Medical problems often develop over a period of time and can become so established that help of any sort becomes improbable. Others, particularly if recent, can be helped very swiftly (over a few days) but to expect an “instant cure” is usually unreasonable. The body does not do “instant cure” although it can be made do “instant temporary relief of a symptom” with medication and possible side effect(s). Some problems, where the lack of electronic energy is the main reason can have been long standing due to a prolonged or intermittent low immune system in the past and these would take time and care to improve whilst the immune system is strengthened. Generally speaking some dedication to the process of “Grounding” is required but once a few small reusable items have been obtained it is cost free and without side effects. Such is the universal use of the earth’s energy that it often, and unexpectedly, resolves several problems at the same time.

The Inspirational Factors for this Site.

The inspiration for this site is the combined result of four things:-

  1. More than 35 years of searching, investigation, and verification of the facts of how evolutionary electronic balancing impacts on medical health so that they are beyond challenge and to demonstrate them with massive improvement of my health in particular, plus that of others, and reduction of pain confounding doctors, surgeons and therapists alike. This investigation incorporated an attempt to get a definition of the Immune System which, to date, the medical profession has been unable to define.
  2. Many people have finally convinced me that the results of my findings from my investigations are very important and should be made more widely known both for the benefit of people today and future generations.
  3. The motivation for this site is to try to help with combating pain and improving health in a non-invasive manner by applying nothing more than Earth’s natural Energy and using the same principles as those incorporated in the evolutionary design of the body.
  4. A documentary on Channel 5, in the UK, on “Restless Leg Syndrome” which was followed by 4 blog posts from viewers suffering from the complaint who said what a good program it was but that it was very depressing and disappointing since it did not provide any suggestion(s) about how the condition could be helped.  I believe the problem here is not with Channel 5 but with the medical profession who do not have any viable suggestion to make to relieve the condition.  It reminds me of when I became interested in a similar problem all those 35 years ago when my son contracted a condition, unknown by the medical profession at the time, and where sufferers were given advice which has since been recognised as the complete opposite of what was really required.  Some people with the condition became wheelchair bound for life, others died almost instantly or later in their attempt to re-establish their lives.  It affected the fittest athletes and those who were highly physically or mentally active – it was devastating.  The condition later became known as “Yuppie disease” or chronic fatigue syndrome which the medical profession very wrongly related to ‘life’s skivers’. This was the start of my investigations which have had some dramatic results far beyond what I expected.

My Investigations

The assertion that scientific proof is required by the medical profession for approval of procedures should be theoretically reasonable but my long experience of analysing problems tells me that when analysis of any problem or situation does not include ALL that precedes the point of investigation the result can be rendered as very suspect, irrelevant or even incorrect. The key Earth’s Healing Energy, a major element in the energy of evolution and the design of the human animal, is rarely, if ever, considered when obtaining this “so called” scientific proof. In addition, humans have changed this key energy element in the way they live today such that the body cannot operate fully as designed, further reducing the viability of “scientific proof”.

At the start of my investigations there was, to my astonishment, no definition of the Immune System. Amazingly, to this day there is still no definition. Instead the term is used as a means of hiding what is not understood as some sort of mystery. It should be, in my opinion, at the very heart of medical thinking and the basis of that thinking. What makes it work – how is it triggered, what sets the various effects and interconnected reactions to make it work, what does it use to operate, why does it work as it does? The Immune System has to be energy based otherwise it could not react in the way and at the speed it does. It must use the evolutionary processes to work. The lack of understanding of what it is demonstrates again the paucity of conclusions drawn from our “scientific proof” methods and what they include. I believe I am close to understanding the basis of the Immune System in electronic terms and that the results are clearly demonstrable in practice. That does not mean to say that I know the absolute intricate detail of the process but I recognise the detail lies well below any of our understanding and that the chances of our ever gaining this knowledge are nil. The key is maintaining our immune system as strong as possible and leaving our body to work its hidden evolutionary knowledge to do the rest. This approach most certainly works but any explanation of how is beyond the scope of this site even though some practical examples and results will be included.  How is this done . . . ?

I invite you to read the ‘About’ page and move on from there either in the way you wish or the order of pages suggested.